Was watching The Hobbit when I realized 9-year-old me and 900-year-old Thranduil have some things in common… This blog is shit right now. There is no bad-assery, no mountain climbing, no Swahili, no drinking cows blood with the Masaai, no fermented mare’s milk on the steppes of Mongolia with the family and it’s not because cool things aren’t happening in life. It’s just that… there’s too much shit on this blog that is so epicly boring that I can’t stand it and I’m thinking about deleting all of it. And just do more elk-riding posts.

She loves me and I love her and we’ve got each others back no matter what.

I’ve never believed in this, because I’d rather think we’re always improving. Through the years we change tremendously and I’m thoroughly greatful for this. I’m even more grateful for not knowing what’s to come. Life’s always been a mixture of letting things happen and making them happen. And if I can feel this much better at 19 than I did at 15 then I have no idea what to expect of my 20th year. But I’m excited… and that is the greatest feeling of all!