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A week of flying, eating pizza and watching awesome media. Let’s take a look!

Wednesday Feb 14th Austin to LA – Valentine’s day… I flew from Austin to LA and was in my hotel room near Universal by noon. I spent most of that day catching up on American tv-shows so I was fit and in “English-speaking mode” the next day… Ordered a veggie pizza, some groceries and then put hair treatment in my braids, tweezed my eyebrows and watched the second special of the HBO 2 Dope Queens series!

Thursday Feb 15th – Full day in LA – woke up and saw Sigin texted saying she couldn’t make it out to the shoot. Bummer since I only had a chance to talk to her for short bursts at the St Gallen Symposium in Switzerland (since she was always surrounded by people wanting to talk to her)… BUT her movie “Silence” is making its rounds at film festivals this year and since I might be attending a few film festivals this year (promoting a project I’ve been working on since 2015…) I will try to catch it there when I go! See it if you have the chance as I’m sure it’s excellent!

Steve Harvey shoot

I eat healthy on most days but not on shoot days where I go full vegetarian instead of vegan…

After arriving at the studios I had a pizza party by myself since I got my own dressing room… Patrick helped prep for the memory segments and kept me company with anecdotes about Americanisms and Hollywood.

The segment went well and we had a lot of fun shooting it and everybody got a gift card! After about three hours there the car took me back to the hotel room where I took a bunch of selfies and then fell asleep.

Friday Feb 16th – tsagaan sar / lunar new year from LA to Nashville

The car picked me up at 6.45am… LA traffic is no joke… at one point we had been driving so long I thought he was just showing me all the available real estate in LA. After six hours of travel we greeted each other at home in Nashville in both Western fashion (hugs and cheek kisses) and Mongolian style (zolgoh). Grandma has come to terms with me being a vegetarian and had made me fruit buuz! <3 Also, my awesome friend Jonas’ episode of Sweden’s Got Talent aired!

Saturday Feb 17th – tsagaan sar in Nashville

Slept in late because honestly TV stuff is fun but exhausting, but even more exhausting (sometimes) to do in a language and culture that’s not your native one… In the afternoon Mongolian family friends came over to celebrate The New Year of the Dog with us!

Sunday Feb 18th – hanging out with wax celebrities in Nashville

I took selfies with most of them. You can tell it’s fake because I’m actually more than 2 inches taller than Beyoncé in real life.

Monday Feb 19th – Black Panther in Nashville

We saw Black Panther and life was hype and IT OUTLIVED THE HYPE! I couldn’t sleep until 3 am because I was in hype mode…

Tuesday Feb 20th – MY SEGMENT ON STEVE HARVEY AIRS and I fly back home to Austin

We watched it like a proper modern family. After it aired we played “I spy” all the way to the airport. My flight was delayed but I had my Tropico 4 island to keep me company so I didn’t mind…

The many characters and mods you can make to your Tropico 4 Presidente!


So long story short, our previous episode when I memorized his book “Jump!” rated super high and did so awesome I was invited back! The last one has half a million views now! Woah!

It took some time to for us to brainstorm the next episode, but we made it happen thanks to Shareen who takes care of me and pitches like no other. Because it’s a show and not a competition, there’s lots of little things to consider to make it work visually. TOTALLY WORTH IT since I think we outdid ourselves this time!

So this time we memorized the audience names and 10 pictures of Vegas! The TV edit was way longer and more in-depth, so sorry if you missed it… Here’s an even shorter edit!

I feel very blessed to work with #TeamSteve. It is so much fun filming at their studios. The people working to make it happen every day are the most chill yet effective people EVER! Big thanks to the Q-like Erin and superwoman Shaniece, Mike for turning me into Yanjaa with the good hair, Tracy for making me look like I don’t wear pajamas 365 days per year, Angela for being a stellar artist who enhanced my features instead of hiding ’em and Patrick who made sure there were no hiccups and made me laugh and forget my nerves. Vita for being the boss and Ran for making sure we were on time. And to everyone else whose name I might not know or have forgotten who made me feel safe and free to be me. A production, even just a single segment of one episode is always a team effort and y’all are the best.

The audience was great and had the best energy, I felt very supported by all of them including Stephanie, Thomas, Brooke, Anissa, Alissa, Marie, Ayan, Adam, Emily, Anthony, Tasha… Also Jenny who came in with Bola I LOVE YOUR HAIR! Thomas’ reaction in this one shot is the best haha.

I’m hoping next time will be either language related or that WE’RE GOING TO VEGAS! I’ve never been to Vegas…

Concentrated or worried I won’t make it?