The first time I drank bubble tea was in Akihabara, Tokyo. It was love at first taste and oh my God how I became addicted. In Stockholm you can perhaps only get it at Yoi! on Sveavägen at the moment, but when we’ve perfected our recipe, we will eventually add it to the menu at Kin-Maru as well 😉 . Since I have not tested bubble tea everywhere in the world I can only give you a good list of the best bubble tea places in the cities I’ve been in.

Morning happiness with my bubble tea in Stockholm

The place in Akihabara that had the most delicious bubble tea has unfortunately closed. Since then, however, I’ve tested bubble tea in lots of places and these three are the best.

1. Vivi Bubble Tea in Chinatown in New York.
2. Bubbleology near Leicester Square, London.
3. Gong Cha here and there in Singapore.

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  1. I guess you’ve never been to where it originates from–Taiwan.

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