Holy frigg it feels scary when the ice is melting beneath your feet and you have to walk across the lake to an island. But I did that today, twice, because I’m ice cold cool like that. And because Jo and I’ve been friends since the first day we met in fourth grade and she is still a wicked cool person to have alone time with. So we talked about things I don’t really remember now but it was probably world-changing and profoundly interesting. That happened and it was nice. After I walked off the island I shopped a little. Or a lot. I shopped a lot for a person that goes shopping once every year. But I’m tired and I haven’t even started writing about my dream with Tarantino so showing you my new shizniz will have to wait…



  1. How to you pronounce your name in English :)?

    And I just like your blog, thinking about creating my own about myself and around webdesign, photography.

    So would love to see some new posts with pictures for ideas and inspirations.

    Good luck!

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