I was waiting tables and all of a sudden I was violently attacked by a metal shelf… OK, no. I ran into the corner of said metal shelf at full speed with my forehead. I heard a scream and then I woke up a second later on the floor with 100 IQ points lost with such poignant thoughts such as “Hi there floor. I like you floor. You are soft. I like being on you.” When I looked up our staff and some customers stood above me and asked if I was OK. I felt fine and wanted to get straight back to work but I was bleeding violently and covered half of my face and my mom said “I don’t care if you feel fine, you don’t look fine.”. Other than that I’ve had a nice last 24 hours. We played Mario Kart yesterday and I almost got second and for breakfast me and Mr. Super Muscular Handsomeness Awesome had burgers. The evenings at the restaurant were lovely too.


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