So Ms World Record Holder in Memory over here was memorizing a pack of speed cards on the flight from Budapest to London, right?

I forgot the decks of cards and the timer on the flight.

Talked to staff and we arranged for me to pick it up at the airport on my way back to Europe next week.

I talked to some of my oldest and boldest friends about real friendship and they advised me to just relax and know that I have a heart of gold and the only time I hurt people is when I get carried away with jokes, life, crushes and am not paying enough attention.

There were 2 options for universal chargers at the store and I bought the wrong one.

But a nice guy sitting next to me, also on the airport floor charging his laptop, lent me his charger.

I’ve noticed there is a weird feeling of safety when I hear Swedish nowadays, it’s weird how I used to dislike it because it would remind me that I had to go back and now it’s like a nice reminder that I have some place to go back to…

Lastly, the reason I forgot my speed cards was because I suddenly realized I could do some of the exercises from Art of Learning and Emotional Intelligence for my emotional downs instead of just for competitions and skills. While you might have a gut instinct to (in my case) cry out of panic/stress/grief/[insert-negative-emotion-here], you can work that away. It doesn’t have to be a part of your persona. The emotional highs work for you, but the emotional downs don’t – so it’s better to learn to zen it out when the lows come.

Hädanefter… ska jag va’ bra.


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