I hold him in my arms. He is dying and I know there is nothing I can do to change it. Dramatic and deafening but distant music is playing while I carry him through the chaotic crowd. The others are helping other injured people and animals. But me, who wants to help others because it is still too late for him, I can not do anything other than hold him and sit down with a lump in my throat. He is as calm as one can be when having realized that it is one’s last moments and I try to hold him and make him feel loved until the very end as best as possible. I just feel great shame that something so beautiful could be with me for so long. An ungrateful soul like me who could not see how lucky I was to have him. The only thing that could almost make up for our lost time together is to make those who are still with me smile and laugh. With that thought, I feel him leave me.
A person’s value is not in her actions or what she says. It is the sum of how she makes others feel. It’s the only thing you remember clearly when you wake up.

Photo source. Music from Cloud Atlas.

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